Sunday, February 11, 2007

More on talk20:Spartanburgh

I came across some of the interesting images some of the speakers will show tonight at our new edition of talk20: South Carolina (Spartanburg).

I picked this image up from this guy Brian Hitselberg who is going to speak on art pieces by his friends

"That’s a little over 6,000 cigarette butts gorrilla-glued vertically (filter-side out) to create a pointilist image of an Abercrombie model. My buddy from Tulane Brian Glaser made it (and by the way, you can catch it in this month’s issue of Interior Design magazine).Brian doesn’t smoke. He found all of these and separated them into “colors.” In person, it’s jaw-dropping, if not highly stinky. Brian’s obsessive-compulsion and frankness of self were a big inspiration for me at school. He’s also hilarious and a genuinely nice guy."

I guess this really makes you wonder what your lungs look like after years of smoking.

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