Monday, October 29, 2007

Thursday, May 31, 2007

talk20 Spartanburg gearing up

talk20 Spartanburg is gearing up for the next event on June 16th at the Showroom @ Hub-Bub. A preliminary list of presenters is as follows:

Jeff Goshorn, "Framing Spartanburg” - the presenter plans to tour Spartanburg and meet strangers, then ask them to "frame" something of Spartanburg using an empty picture frame. He will then assemble the stories of the people he met, along with the images. Bio: Jeff is new to Spartanburg, a recent transplant from Charleston. Jeff is the new Market Manager for the Hub City Farmers' Market.

Arielle Angel, "20 poems/20 slides" - the presenter is a multimedia artist and will show 20 artworks and a 20 second poem to accompany each piece of art. Bio: A native of Miami, but recently transplanted from Manhattan, Arielle is part of Hub-Bub and an artist full-time. She graduated last year from the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU.

Kris Neely, “Synapses" - the presenter will show 20 slides of his artwork that looks like synapses in the brain. Bio: Kris Neely the Director of the Success Initiative at Wofford College and an accomplished visual artist.

Monica Mercer, “Contemporary life in India" - the presenter moved to Spartanburg from India last year, where she had been a journalist at a newspaper for 1 year. She will show slides of places and people who affected her life while in India. Bio: Monica is a reporter at the Herald Journal. She attended Northwestern School of Journalism before moving to India to work for a newspaper there.

B.G. Stephens, “History of Glendale" - the presenter will tell the history of Glendale, a small hamlet in Spartanburg County, through photographs of what the community looks like currently. Bio: B.G. is widely considered the unofficial mayor of Glendale. A professor emeritus at Wofford College, B.G. has been instrumental in renewing interest in the revitalization of Glendale.

Doug McAbee, " Large scale sculpture" - the presenter will show images of his large scale metal sculptures and discuss his artistic inspirations and intentions. ( Bio: Doug is a full-time artist living and working in Spartanburg. He is also a faculty member of Winthrop University's art department.

Gervais Hollowell, “Fair Trade Coffee" - the presenter will discuss his business as it relates to fair trade coffee - meaning coffee bought directly from coffee farmers rather than through large conglomerates. He will show images of the farmers in Cameroon, Africa, who he purchases coffee from and discuss their stories. ( Bio: Gervais is the owner of Little River Roasting Company, a coffee roasting establishment and cafe in Spartanburg.

Ann Stoddard, " Hands Over Time" - the presenter will show 20 images of her artwork, both 2 and 3 dimensional, over the past several years, exploring the theme of hands (as in human hands) through her work. Bio: Ann is a professor of art at Presbyterian College. She has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally.

Brad Steineke, "Spartanburg’s Trolley System" - the presenter will show historic images of Spartanburg's former streetcar system and the parks it connected, outlining the cause of its demise. Bio: Brad is the Arts Education Assistant for the Arts Partnership and on staff at Hub-Bub.

Madelyn Young, "Scuba Diving" - the presenter will show images from several scuba expeditions she has taken and describe the feeling of the experience. Bio: Madelyn is an Associate Professor of Economics and the Chair of the Department of Economics, Business, and Accounting at Converse College.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

talk'ers - PS1 Competition Finalists

talk20 wants to congratulate Ruy Klein and Michael Meredith of Mos, for their nomination as finalists for 2007's PS1 Competition.

(Image from Ruy Klein's Website)

(Image from Michael Meredith's website)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

MORE on talk20: Chicago

IIT's very own Crown Hall was the location of the very first talk20: chicago edition. With over 350 people attending, this marks another successful event for talk20.

Eric Ellingsen, curated/directed the event with the support of the Graham Foundation and IIT's College of Architecture.

If you attended the event, share your thoughts with us, your feedback is very important to us.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

talk20: Chicago

Our new edition of talk20: Chicago will be hosted this Friday February 16th at IIT's very own Crown Hall.

Martin Felson + software designer, IIT
Julie Flohr, IIT
Thomas Kerns + New York colleague, IIT
Penelope Dean, UIC, editor of ‘Hunch’
John Jourden, archinet director
Paula Palombo, extensiongallery director
Laura Fehlberg & Mark Nagis, Art Institute

and more to come...